When the Beams Broke, we Froze our Butts Off

I went to bed on Monday night after my “Heroes” & “24″ viewing upbeat and eager to see the turnout for Tuesday night’s midnight release of the Dark Tower comic and our ridiculously awesome sale.

You can imagine my dismay waking up the next morning and hearing the weather report being snow. Lots and lots of snow. I was initially upbeat about things, given that the majority of the snow was supposed to hit mostly south and west of us, which was cool.

Until about 2pm, and then it began to snow. Snow like the third part of an action movie franchise, which everyone knows, is “with a Vengeance.” We got a lot of calls asking if we were still going to be doing it. Our answer was a resounding “Hell Yeah!” even though doubt began to creep into the hearts of our staffers, myself included. It didn’t help that the outside looked like this (click to embiggen):

Thankfully, when the time came, folks pulled through and came and partied with us. Sure, the weather definitely blunted the evenings festivities, but there were plenty of people who swung by just because they saw we were open. As the magic hour approached, and Jack Nicholson grew crazier in “The Shining” (lovingly played on our deluxe, 20″ TV screen), more folks showed up undaunted by the crappy roads.

So a big thanks to all those who showed up, watched movies, ate pizza and really good salsa and made the night a success. Even better than a success, it was a good time.

Also, to give you another reason to come see us, magician Amon Hogue will be performing in the store most Saturdays, demonstrating slight of hand the likes of which you have never seen. And if you have seen it, you’ll want to see it again to scratch your head and go “How’d he do that?”