Anniversaries, Annoucements and Ka

Even in my personal blog, I tend to make titles out of three semi-related things that neatly sum up what posts are about. Of course, in my own writing I tend to get pretty writing, but when it comes to all the crazy stuff going on here at the ‘Star, it’s pretty easy to stay on topic, because it’s so freaking exciting.

Yes, this year is Dark Star’s 25th anniversary! Yes, the Star has grown up, is able to vote, drink, has gone to college and has moved on to the next phase of its life. Will it settle down and start a family, or will it go on a globe trotting adventure of self-exploration? Well, I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned and find out.

As for what this means for you, our equally mature and savvy customers, it leads us into our announcement portion of this…well, this announcement. To celebrate our 25th year, we’re having 25% off all our Used Books every Wednesday and 25% off Back Issue Comics every Weekend. 20%? Old and busted. 25% New hotness! Using the old and busted/new hotness analogy? Old and Busted.

We’re going to be pushing the envelope this year, as our little store has grown up and is ready to make its mark on the world. Look for a big sale this February, our Chinese President’s Ashes of Love Sale, to be less (or is that more?) cryptic. Our sales will be bigger, our parties will be louder, and our customers will continue, as customer Rick James said, to get their faces rocked off.

Speaking of, protect your face, because this next point will take it right off your skull.

Sharp eyed Constant Readers will recognize Ka from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Comic book fans in the know can tell you that Marvel Comics is bringing the Dark Tower world to the comics world with a new and expanded Dark Tower story, published this February. Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born, written by Stephen King, Robin Furth (author of the Dark Tower Concordance) and Peter David, with art by Jae Lee, will be released on Wednesday, February 7th. Of course, we know you can’t wait, so we’re having a midnight pre-sale party Tuesday, February 6th all through the night to 12:01am, the crack of Wednesday morning to get it to your hands as soon as possible.

Yes, Tuesday, February 6th, all-night party at Dark Star culminating in the sale of Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born just after midnight, and then we will party some more!

Watch this space for more updates! That’s right, boys and girls, this year no one is going to eclipse this ‘Star!