Dark Star Cats

Dark Star Books has always had a love affair with cats. While some people may think cats are aloof and indifferent, those of us in the know are aware that they are simply free sprits that come to you when the time is right. We at Dark Star think that time is when you’re shopping for books. We’ve had a store cat since the our early days, the first being George, an orange tabby cat that passed before his time due to feline leukemia. Then in 1989, we got our most famous cat, Bart.

Bart was named after Bart Simpsons, back when they were just filler on the Tracy Ullman show. Back then, we laughed and laughed at his animated antics, but knew that something this good couldn’t last, so we’d idolize him the best way we knew how: by naming our new cat after him. Years in the future we knew people would ask us who we named the cat after, and we’d be able to revel in the memory of a cartoon character only we remembered.

Boy, I guess the joke was on us, huh?

Regardless, Bart became a mainstay of the store, brightening everyone’s visit with his presence, be it patrolling the aisles for ne’er do wells or sleeping on the chair, allowing himself to be petted by even the most excited of small children. Bart lived an exceptionally long time, almost 20 years, powered by the presence of literature and friends. He passed away in June of 2006 after a battle with illness.

In August of 2006 we got our new cat, Mr. Eko, from a loyal customer who knew that the staff, the customers and the books would miss the presence of a feline companion. Named after the African former-warlord turned priest turned castaway from “Lost,” Mr. Eko, or Eko, or the Little Mister or Little, will no doubt grow to be as formidable as his namesake. He already shows great enthusiasm for the job, and can often be found racing back and forth through the store, playing with his toys, and inexplicably pushing a button every 108 minutes.