Of course Dark Star sells books & comics, it’s in our name for pete’s sake, but is that it? Of course not! We have a full range of other fun stuff that you absolutely can’t live without. Maybe you could, but why would you want to?

Buttons, Magnets & Bumper stickers

You can’t walk down Xenia Avenue without being drawn in by the bumper stickers in our window. Clever, political or snarky, whatever the message you’d like to send to those you breeze by on the highway we got it for you (provided you’re in to that particular Yellow Springs slant). Those drawn in by bumper stickers can also delight in our selection of buttons and magnets, which convey similar attitudes and leanings. It’s a rough world out there, so be sure to let every know where you stand by displaying your opinions proudly on your sleeve, or your jacket, or your car, or your fridge.

Greeting Cards & Bookmarks

We have a wide variety of greeting cards from Tree-Free Greetings and Leanin’ Tree that appeal to fans of nature, fantasy, art and all things beautiful. What better way to show someone how you feel on their birthday, graduation, anniversary (or any special day!) than with a card of rare beauty – and one you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere but Dark Star! We also have a wide variety of journals and other ephemera for your gift giving needs.

And So Much More!

When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you have a knack for collecting things, and believe me, we have no shortage of “things!” Action Figures, wind chimes, key chains, mugs, cups, shot glasses, pewter figurines, crystals, DVDs, VHSs, stickers, models, board games, movie and science fiction memorabilia…the list is never ending! While we may not be able to display every thing on our sales floor, we have loads of secret stashes we can check, so ask us whatever your heart desires, and who knows? Maybe we’ll have that X-Wing replica you had when you were 10 and your mom threw away…Many of these items go onto our online shopping pages, so do take a look there as well.